Monday 22 April 2013


Hello and welcome to 'Pricey Boxing' my new boxing blog. Before going into detail about what this blog is all about, I'll just quickly introduce myself and just tell you a bit about me...

I'm a 15-year old amateur boxing that is just seriously obsessed with the sport. I love everything to do with boxing; Fighting myself, watching fights, writing about it, talking about it, tweeting about it, just everything! 

My main dream in life is to make my mark as a fighter as an amateur and a pro, and one day have young aspiring kids look up to me in the way I look up to the boxing superstars of today. But I also want to be involved in the sport in as many ways as possible, and one of these ways is being a boxing journalist/pundit. And to do this, I realise that I'm going to need a lot of experience as it is a tough field to get into, which is why I'm looking for as many ways as possible to gain experience at a young age. I currently run my own site and Twitter page (@BoxingOpinions1) that has over 30,000 pageviews in just over a year and almost 2000 followers on Twitter. I also run my own YouTube channel dedicated to boxing: PriceysBoxinThoughts - Please check both out if you get the chance. As well as this, I also help out with and write for a few other boxing sites and e-mags. 

But anyway, that's enough about, let's talk about what I want this blog to be about...

I want 'Pricey Boxing' to be different to any other blog. You see tons and tons of boxing blogs with full feature articles uploaded maybe once a week, and then there's sites like mine (BoxingOpinions) that are updated with news, fight previews, videos and articles from a wide range of writers. On this blog you won't find many full-featured articles (check out BoxingOpinions) if you want to see some of my full articles), all this is going to be is a constant thread of my thoughts on almost everything that takes place in boxing; Results, upcoming fights, new signings, news and more! Each section may only be short but the site will be updated constantly with new pieces. Think of it as an extended Twitter account (we all know 140 characters isn't enough). 

Eventually I think it would also be great if a few other boxing fans started doing this. I can think of loads of fans/writers off the top of my head who I would love to find out more about their thoughts on certain fights and news etc. 

I will leave it here for now boxingheads! I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on everything boxing.